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Movie D'Agostino download free! Book Title: D'Agostino
Directors: Jorge Ameer
Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi
Release Date: 2012-05-18
Country: USA
Language: English
Runtime: 124 min
Stars: Jorge Ameer,Michael Andricopoulos,Angus Malcolm
IMDb Rating: 3.8

Full movie description "D'Agostino":

Heading on a transatlantic voyage at sea from an Italian lab to America, D'Agostino is the story of a human clone left for dead at the shores of Santorini Greece. This lost cargo, commissioned by wealthy individuals for organ tranplants, is abandoned as the freight cannot be recovered. Allan Dawson has recently inherited his grandmother's island estate. He's in a loveless relationship with his common law spouse Sylvia. As he finds this interesting freight, what follows is a macabre tale of self realization as Allan proceeds to set himself out of his sedentary existence to mold his latest discovery into a new best friend with dire consequences.

Movie D'Agostino download free

Reviews of the D'Agostino

Jorge Ameer is a polarizing filmmaker. No doubt about that. It is obvious in the score above. Either way, he is one filmmaker filled with some very interesting ideas worthy of attention. As for D'Agostino, .I've never seen anything like this film before and I watch a lot of movies. However, in my personal opinion, to discover D'Agostino, you really have to pay attention to the details. The clue to unraveling this drama, thriller, sci fi is to study the characters actions as they engage. As they say "the proof is in the pudding." This is one of those films that either you get it or your don't. I notice the score for the film is low, yet when I looked at the demographic, it seems like men respond better to this film. Maybe I'm male inside, who knows (lol)... but I liked it. Getting this film, means paying close attention. There is a lot going on here. There is the obvious, then the stuff beneath the surface that is eating away at the main character. Allan Dawson, a very hot and handsome Keith Roenke, is a man on the edge. On the edge to a break down as people have driven him to his wits ends. His home life isn't any better. Fertility problems and a nagging fiancé is the perfect formula to shove Allan to the breaking point with disastrous consequences. Then comes an outlet, Allan must go to Greece to take possession of property left by his grandmother.

He arrives and realizes, he's by himself and a new sense of freedom takes over him. Enters D'agostino into his self-discovery and things now seem to go his way. Figuring he's been pushed around for a long time, he sees D'Agostino as an outlet to mold his new clone friend and return the wrongs done to him. The film unfolds in a progressively dark manner until things get really ugly. On one hand you wonder how a man has been driven to the brink of madness in such a way he would choose to do the things he does with D'Agostino (don't worry I won't give it away). The answer is when life and society has been too overwhelming for him, it't time to take action. Time to settle the score. That is the underbelly of this film. It's got many things rooting for it and one of them are the many hidden messages...It's a if the filmmaker were trying to tell us many things at once right beneath the obvious. It's a film which merits at least one more watch.

The Allan character has been put to together with such detail that once he meets D'Agostino, he seems to have found his automatic pilot where all the awful things he does seem to come naturally to him.

This is a multi genre film with many messages both good and bad. It question personal morals as well as values. D'Agostino seeks to defy the commonality of normalcy. It is a condemnation of how people live and how they treat other, specially our valuable possessions may it be human or not. It is a case study worthy of much debate. The story also seems to take place in some futuristic version of reality. It could very well take place ten to twenty years from now, yet the situations in the film remain relevant to today's happenings. It's about the results of what we choose to do and D'Agostino is a clear example of what happens when you are so lost in your own world that you loose focus of what's appropriate and what crosses the line. There is no morality in D'Agostino. At least not with the Allan character. He seems to live in his head, and for him, there is no line. His actions does keep you thinking about the many things he could have done differently had he conformed to society's expectations. For one, I would have called the cops to report this "missing person". But again, if you did, there would be not story, or at least not the way it is set up for interpretation. There are many profound messages regarding our reason to be, how we treat each other, and where we are headed as people having to deal with each other in a changing world. There is also cause & effect happening here...lots of it. Yet, by the end of the film and its shocking conclusion it becomes clear... if you mess with nature, nature messes back and will always wins. While I was watching the film, you can't help to wonder if we are the victims of what we know to be true, a trait learned from our forefathers, or the culprits for what we instill onto our future generations and/or our young. After thinking about this film long after watching it, I couldn't help to wonder about filmmaker Jorge Ameer's intention... was to dragged us through this very strange multi-layered odyssey through the dark bowels of human nature or show us how screwed up we have become as a society or maybe how our priorities have become progressively skewed by greed and the need for personal fulfillment. For those reasons, I am still thinking about D'Agostino. I give the film a 8.7/10 for it's complexity of story, originality and for its breathtakingly beautiful scenery.

Movie D'Agostino download free

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Movie D'Agostino download free

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