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Movie Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour download free! Book Title: Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour
Directors: Adam Smith
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family, Mystery
Release Date: 2010-04-03
Country: UK
Language: English
Runtime: 65 min
Stars: Matt Smith,Karen Gillan,Arthur Darvill
IMDb Rating: 8.8

Full movie description "Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour":

Having Just regenerated the Doctor arrives in a small English village where he meets a seven year old Scottish girl called Amelia Pond. Fascinated and puzzled by the mysterious and bizarre stranger who claims to be a time traveler. Amelia finds her self caught up in a adventure involving an escaped alien convict and the Atraxi who are in pursuit of it. And if the Doctor doesn't act soon the world will end in twenty minutes...but that won't happen for another twelves years!

Movie Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour download free

Reviews of the Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour

After over a long year wait and after all the on going hype surrounding the latest actor to step in to one of the most iconic roles in Television history, series 5 of "Doctor Who" opened with this opening story. "The Eleventh Hour", clearly a reference to actor Matt Smiths first televisual hour and his standing as eleventh official actor to play the Time Lord, has clear ambitions. Considering as well that Matt Smith is also not only the man writing the story but the new executive producer you could argue that he has higher expectations from fans from the show. This is the man after all who gave us the inspired and ingenious "Blink" and has overall written some of the stronger scripts.

As it happens The is a fun if ultimately underwhelming opening to the latest series although given the demand put upon him to deliver so much within its first story which is fresh and knew I could be willing to forgive its imperfections. What with the task of introducing for all intents and purposes a new protagonist in Matt Smiths eleventh incarnation, a brand new companion in Karen Gillens fiery and beautiful Amy Pond, a new TARDIS interior design and sonic screwdriver it's safe to say he had a lot on his plate. With its new opening titles sequence and a more ominous fresh take on Ron Graniers classic theme tune practically everything comes with a new sheen. And no doubt while these aspects will leave fans old and new divided they for my money are fairly effective. But for all that the story overall falters on some accounts. One of the main drawbacks of Moffats opening episode is it suffers from a case of been there, seen that. It's basic premise and the overall plot is slightly too reminiscent of series three's "Smith and Jones" which in it self was a new series opener. An alien, criminal fugitive is hiding out on Earth where it is being hunted by a largely unseen horde of intergalactic police called the Atraxi. Also borrowing elements from series twos "The Girl in the Fireplace" Amy is unique among past companions in that her initial introduction to the Doctor occurs when she is a seven year old girl. Which in its context and like TGITFP puts a nice emotional spin to proceedings.

However, the inclusion of Amy's fiancé Rory who rather coincidentally works in a hospital with patients who partially add to the plot, has too much of a sense of "been there seen it" about it. His character and personality eerily reminiscent of the more cowardly, moronic Mickey Smith which leads me to suspect that another Rose/Mickey/Doctor dynamic is going to be thrown once again in to the works. The all too less than subtle hints at a potential romance being highlighted by an all too hormonal reaction by Gillen's Amy when she witnesses the eleventh personae of the good Doctor disrobe. The pace of the episode gallops at a quick pace but with so much going on its easy to get confused when there is so much going on which can be tasking.

Never the less, the special effects and set design is exemplary and Moffats script as usual has contains some beautiful dialogue, witty one liners that his cast are gifted with and is littered with wonderful tech no babble and continuity references that die hard fans will relish. And the energy and pace never slows down although ultimately things begin to drag towards the episodes conclusion once the dust has settled.

The performances overall though are mostly very good with Gillen making an instant impression as Amy who portrays the necessary blend of feisty determination, independence and charisma well. Although Rory is arguably too similar to RTD's Mickey Smith he never the less Arthur Darvill plays his part well and puts in a splendidly anxious and craven performance as the apprehensive Rory who manages to be likable. A result of being afforded a superior introduction and overall better material to work with than what Noel Clarke was lumbered with. Although arguably he comes across as a tad two dimensional, and lacks more development which I can only assume Moffat will focus on more in later stories. The rest of the supporting cast which includes veteran actresses Annette Crosbie and Nina Wadia are first as reliable as ever but ultimately its one person who is the name who people are cramming to see. Matt Smith, in his first outing makes a promising if ultimately underwhelming start to his role as the Doctor. He has the requisite quirkiness and charisma but sadly his personality and mannerisms remind me too often of his all too recent predecessor. A man who in essence and to some extent be forced to forget in favour to a younger model. The problem is that Moffat has potentially cast an actor who is too similar to David Tennant rather than find an actor who is a total contrast and put their own spin on the latest personae. Never the less, there is room for development and hopefully Smith might mould himself in to far more contrasting personality that the fans deserve.

Overall, "The Eleventh Hour" is an entertaining but flawed opening episode which is full of imagination and ideas but might feel slightly overdone as there are so many ideas, plot details etc. to cram in to one, it nicely heralds the start of a new era and is arguably the best opening story to any of the series as of yet.

Movie Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour download free

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Movie Doctor Who The Eleventh Hour download free

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