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Movie ReBoot Megaframe download free! Book Title: ReBoot Megaframe
Directors: Stephen Cooper
Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy
Release Date: 1998-01-03
Country: Canada
Language: English
Stars: Sharon Alexander,Stevie Vallance,Kathleen Barr
IMDb Rating: 8.7

Full movie description "ReBoot Megaframe":

Glitch Bob, Matrix, AndrAIa and the Software Pirates return from the Web to find Mainframe devastated by a war between Megabyte, Hexadecimal and the Mainframe resistance.

Movie ReBoot Megaframe download free

Reviews of the ReBoot Megaframe

Starting right where the last episode left off, The Saucy Mare arrives in the system of Mainframe and everyone on board is immediately shocked and saddened at the ravaged desolate state of the once bright and busy city, with practically no sector remaining intact and no signs of life anywhere. While Andraia stays with Captain Capacitor to help repair the ship, Bob and Matrix set out to investigate the devastated landmarks, seeing signs of a great battle where the viruses were once contained by the firewall, putting together that at some point Hexadecimal must have been freed to wreck her just fiery vengeance on her brother virus who had held her captive with a torturous collar that would hurt her if she refused to use her awesome power at his command. Exactly what happened is shown in cleverly-used flashbacks that reveal that once she freed herself Hexadecimal's first act was to blast Megabyte's Tor base in half and demolish his armed forces with the help of her own personal army of nulls, not that she needed the assistance! The helpless Hack and Slash, as stated by their heartless boss in a much earlier episode, were ordered to the front lines where they were both blown to red and blue bits by her demented might. She then proceeded to overload the firewall with her firepower! As they reach the Principal Office which has been corrupted and taken over by Megabyte as his new base of operations, Matrix almost gets himself destroyed over his rage at what's happened. It shows in flashback how Megabyte eventually destroyed the defences of and stormed the complex, forcing Dot and the CPU forces to retreat underground, while Phong bravely decided to stay behind and calmly await the wrathful virus' arrival to buy her some time, ordering the patchwork Hack and Slash which he had repaired to protect her. Matrix and Bob soon come across the two lovably dim-witted robots who happily take them to Dot, who much like Matrix, has become a more hardened sprite as she's been forced to act as commander to what remains of the now rebel forces. As they surprise her with Matrix it's such a wonderfully emotional moment as she recognises who he is after he calls her sis and tearfully hugs him, it harks all the way back to back to the grim ending of "Game Over." Out of all the voice cast, Kathleen Barr was the one who could really break your heart when it came to the big emotional stuff. The sweet moment is rather annoyingly cut short by the sassy Mouse who aggressively grabs and kisses Bob, but it's still one of the more powerful moments of the series. Her reunion with Bob is a lot less tender though, with him moving to hug her and she merely giving him an awkward handshake. A little later she explains to Mouse that it's because she feels she can't face the heroic guardian because she let him down when she lost hope. Mouse tells her not to think too deeply about it and also calls her out on her strong feelings for Bob, which until this point were subtle and unspoken. Meanwhile Megabyte has been informed of Bob's return to Mainframe and is pleased by the news because it means the system is once again open to the net, but he can't just open a portal by himself without the proper codes first, which he slowly but surely electrifies out of poor Phong's brain, who he has reduced to the ghastly state of a living head that is kept captive in a jar. Now there is one hell of a macabre image that I never expected to see in this show! It was such a joy to hear Tony Jay's distinctly Gothic tones again, although this Megabyte is positively evil in comparison to the less-threatening charmer of season one. I wish Jay would have voiced it like maybe Megabyte was a little miserable and bitter over the fact that his glorious vision of Megaframe never came to pass quite the way he wanted it to. In the last scene the sorely-missed Hexadecimal makes her presence known when Bob is unexpectedly teleported into her cavernous lair, where her insane laughter echoes all around him as she greets him and makes a hilarious little noise of approval at the last second as she checks him out! This is a great episode that fills in the audience on all that's transpired in Mainframe since the story shifted to Matrix and Andraia as well as bringing all the cast back together, good and bad. Bringeth on the next chapter...

Movie ReBoot Megaframe download free

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Movie ReBoot Megaframe download free

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